Medical Clinic Opening January 2020

About Us

Crandell’s Enterprises Inc. offers premier residential care for individual suffering from mental disorder, chemical dependence, and developmental disabilities. We are conveniently located and accessible to the bus line. Our homes offer safe, comfortable, family-oriented living situations in residential neighborhoods throughout Wake County.

Every day people fall through the cracks of North Carolina’s traditional avenues regarding Adult Healthcare. Crandell’s Enterprises, Inc., formerly known as Ann’s Family Care Home, provides access to medical treatment and housing fulfilling the basic healthcare and daily living needs to those in our population who suffer from mental illness, developmental disabilities, and chemical dependence. Through our professional and highly trained staff, we seek to enhance and support the quality of life of individuals who require guidance and assistance in completing activities of daily living.

Based in the capital city of Raleigh, NC, Crandell’s Enterprises has created a broad network of educators and trainers with the acute skill set to assist in the development of our staff on interpersonal as well as clinical skills for their respective positions. In the ever-changing arena of healthcare, we strongly believe that our best and most comprehensive service can be provided through a staff who is highly proficient and consistently trained in the fields of geriatrics, substance abuse, and mental disorders. With a sturdy resolve and superior investment in continuing education, CEI has created a workforce with exceptional standards which has been vital to the success of our organization as well as the health and well-being of those lives we touch. Constant educational opportunities lead to personal, financial and professional growth which strengthens the overall economy of our community.

Our healthcare provider relationships break through the staff attrition barriers in efforts to shape public awareness and creating initiatives that make a difference in the lives of both employees, professional partners and consumers. We are proud to represent and often launch, programs that promote positive mental health and wellness by empowering employees to take greater control of their interactions with consumers, peers and professionals. Our employee appreciation program inspires and rewards staff on excelling in various aspects of the industry.

Recently, Crandell’s Enterprises hosted our client-based formal evening themed “A Night in Hollywood” which created an environment that not only facilitated consumer social interactions, but enhanced consumer self- esteem and emotional development. This and other similar events reinforce our commitment to consumer health and wellness as well as our innovation and commitment to shaping strategy for industry growth. Our healthcare practice is centered around effective and fresh communication strategies that engage staff and consumers in a more personal, meaningful and effective way.

“Crandell’s is not only a business, we are a ministry.” -M. Crandell

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Crandell’s Enterprises, Inc. is intent on providing affordable, effective and compassionate services for all members of our community suffering from mental disorders, substance abuse issues, and developmental disabilities. We are here to enhance the quality of life for all those we are in contact with through expert care and assistance.
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