Medical Clinic Opening January 2020

Our Mission Statement

With the prolific increase of catastrophic events such as the recent one in Las Vegas, awareness to systemic mental health issues that have gone untreated throughout the United States. To counteract these illnesses, the Trump Administration, within the last two weeks, has allocated millions of dollars to states’ mental health governing bodies to make funds readily available for Managed Care Organizations (MCO) to supplement the Medicaid expansion funding, previously refused by the North Carolina state government. State, Regional, and Local mental health components and advocacy groups have lobbied and supported efforts throughout North Carolina, to make cooperative mental health treatments and services more readily available for those who have been suffering alone. This type of mental health treatments has been all but nonexistent through the mental health industry. These seemingly unprovoked and random acts of violence and terror have left those outside of the mental health industry puzzled and confused. Crandells Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) has established relationships with multiple MCO’s that provide avenues to treatment and services for patients with various stages of mental health illnesses.

CEI manages a number of locations able to service the challenges of this systemic illness. CEI is one of the premier North Carolina mental healthcare providers that have been actively studying trends and adapting to the current environments within the mental health population. CEI, being out front, has already implemented the first and only EHR (Electronic Health Records) in the state of NC, that allows accurate record keeping, diagnostics, and monitoring of consumer patient records. This is a novelty in itself, because this has not been offered to long-term care group homes.


Crandell’s Enterprises, Inc. is intent on providing affordable, effective and compassionate services for all members of our community suffering from mental disorders, substance abuse issues, and developmental disabilities. We are here to enhance the quality of life for all those we are in contact with through expert care and assistance.