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Psycho Social Rehabilitations

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Crandells Enterprises, Inc. offers premier residential care for individuals suffering from mental disorders, substance abuse problems, and developmental disabilities. We are conveniently located and accessible to the bus line. Our homes offer a safe, comfortable, family-oriented living situations in residential neighborhoods throughout Wake County.

Every day, people fall through the cracks of the traditional Adult Health Care in North Carolina. Crandells Enterprises, Inc., formerly known as Ann’s Health Services, provides access to medical and housing to these mentally ill, developmentally disabled, and substance abused adults. We strive to serve individuals’ health and housing through education, a low-cost clinic, and programs.

Crandells Enterprises, Inc. has overwhelmingly created great health providers in the state of North Carolina with a well-educated workforce. Through Crandells Enterprises, Inc., employees have helped in building a strong foundation for economic success and shared prosperity through the company’s investment in educational programs for employees. Crandells Enterprises, Inc. expanded access to high-quality education, and training has not only expand economic opportunities for employees, it has strengthened the overall state of the economy through the creation of quality health provider jobs.

Our strategy of continual education and training has increased their ability to grow and attract employers by investing in education and increasing the number of well-educated care provider workers.

patient having a counseling Crandells Enterprises, Inc. has played a major role in making sure that all of their people – particularly those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds – has the tools to be highly productive. Education is the key to the growth of Crandells Enterprises, Inc. Through educating the workforce, their productivity has also increased leading to client retention, employee advancement, and further company growth.

At Crandells Enterprises, Inc., we connect people to care providers, opportunities and training that enable them to find meaningful employment in our company, that help support themselves and their families, and help build more sustainable lives.

We ask senior management to consider employee schedules and sometimes work in their places supporting individuals and families by improving their economic and employment opportunities through training, educational programs, and workforce development. It takes commitment, time to make a significant difference in the very unpredictable health care environment.

Crandells Enterprises, Inc. has also adopted progressive HR policies, with management and hiring a diverse workforce with synergistic outcomes, as well as strong commitment from senior management to these practices. Their growth and cutting-edge treatment to the health care community for over 30 years has been a testament to their success.

Eighty-three percent of job opportunities go to the elderly, disabled, or working poor. Seventy-nine percent of the health care providers are recruited from veterans and prisons. Through continued training and education, we are able to retain our employees and created a workforce. Our health care provider PR campaigns break through the clutter by building connections, shaping public awareness and creating initiatives that make a difference for both employee and clients. With unemployment rates on the rise, people are making a conscious choice to assume responsibility for their quality of life. It is a changing mindset and a new way of living. We are proud to represent, and often launch programs that promote positive mental health and wellness through empowering employees to take greater control of their interaction with senior staff, employees and clients. Our employee appreciation program inspires and congratulates our employees on excelling in different divisions.

male patient having a counseling Our one night in Hollywood created an environment that not only trains our client to come together and enjoy an event, it also helped our employees to work on their training and client development. The veteran, being one of the oldest and most experienced health providers in North Carolina in the industry, have expertise in consumer health, innovative science and a track record of shaping strategy, implementing programs and driving employment value for our clients. Our health care practice is structured around effective and fresh communications strategies that engage employees and clients in a personal, meaningful, and useful way.

Our prescription for results that advance the interests of both existing and emerging training include daily contact with key staff members, established relationships with leading medical professionals, a network of regional health experts, a solid understanding of regulatory issues and the ability to distill and communicate clinical data to key health agencies. We have such a successful reach and range within the mental health physicians, which include alternative health centers and doctors, psychologists, and all forms of health services companies and organizations.


Crandell’s Enterprises, Inc. is intent on providing affordable, effective and compassionate services for all members of our community suffering from mental disorders, substance abuse issues, and developmental disabilities. We are here to enhance the quality of life for all those we are in contact with through expert care and assistance.
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